About Chavdar BONEV

Chavdar Bonev was born in Sofia in 1954. Graduates History and Archaeology in the Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski" University in 1980. His semestrial thesis was – The Slavs in the Carpathian-Danubian lands in VI–VIII c., and his graduation thesis was – The Slavs in Dobrudzha in VI–IX c. In 1984 he became a regular doctorant in the Institute of Blakan Studies with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. In 1988 he defends successfully his doctoral thesis "Cultural-Clerical relations in the Carpathean-Danubian lands during ХI–ХV c. Research Associate in the Institute of Balkan Stidies. Has publications on the issues of early Slavic culture (VI–VII c.), Slavic migration to the Balkans, the inception of Danubian Bulgaria, foundation and early history of the principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia, over-Danubian territories of the First Bulgarian Empire, historical geography.

Banner: A Dacian fortress sieged by the Romans during the wars in Dacia, 101-106 A.D. (Trayan's column).
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