The Proto-Slavic Tribes

Part One (A)

276 pages (in Bulgarian)

ISBN 978–954–9493–08–5

Sofia, 2007

The main goal of this research is to clarify the migration process from the Balkan-Carpathian lands during the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. As a condition sine qua non for the understanding of the stages of this process is the detailed reconstruction of the tribal structure of the proto-Slavic (or Thracian) territories during the pre-Roman Era.

The historical sources used for the research have various origins:

  • Written sources (narrative, documental, epigraphic)
  • Toponymic
  • Cartographic
  • Archaeological
  • Ethnologic
  • Dialectological

A clear definition is proposed for the usage of terms as Proto-Slavs, Proto-Slavic Period (Era), Proto-Slavic language.

* * *

The chapter The Tribes is focused on the reconstruction of diverse tribal structures and their historical destiny. The paragraphs that deal with every separate tribe are organized as “nests” – on the basis of the linguistic origin of the tribal names. They follow alphabetical order. The present volume comprises the tribes and the related names starting with the letter "A".

Banner: A Dacian fortress sieged by the Romans during the wars in Dacia, 101-106 A.D. (Trayan's column).
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