The Proto-Slavic Tribes

Part Тhree (Л-Я)

The Proto-Slavic Church and Other Projects (Main Ideas)

172 pages (in Bulgarian)

ISBN 978-954-92231-6-3

Sofia, 2009

The main goal of this research is to clarify the migration process from the Balkan-Carpathian lands during the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. As a condition sine qua non for the understanding of the stages of this process is the detailed reconstruction of the tribal structure of the proto-Slavic (or Thracian) territories during the pre-Roman Era.

The third part of the Proto-Slavic Tribes study comprises part of the paragraphs that deal with every separate tribe following lexicographic order. The present volume comprises the tribes and the related names starting with the letters "Л" то "Я".

The main part dedicated to the Protoslavic Church is offered as a project for further study. Based on various sources this project tries to open an unknown page of the history of the Getai-Dacians – the Northern branch of the Protoslavs. It concerns the teaching of Zalmoxis and the later developed Dacian church, founded by Deceneus and Burebista.

“Balagines” (good deeds, blessings) formulated by Deceneus as rules gave this doctrine an unique character and made it a predecessor of the future Christianity in Europe.

Other important topics are related to the continuity between the Thracians and the Slavs, as well as to the Protoslavic pantheon – included are the parts only about Apollo, Ares and Athens.

The last theory is devoted to the Proto-Bulgarian tribes.

Banner: A Dacian fortress sieged by the Romans during the wars in Dacia, 101-106 A.D. (Trayan's column).
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