The Proto-Slavic Tribes

Part Five
Thracians and Slavs

Sofia, 2010-2011

The ultimate fifth part of this research contains general observations on the material analysed in the subsections devoted to the separate tribes. This synthesis level encompasses a complete representation of the migration processes during the period of the Roman conquest of the Thracian lands up to the emergence of the Slavic peoples and their government-politival structures. According to the initial idea this allows the extraction of the general arguments to answer the main research problem, pertaining to the Thracians-Slavs ratio. The postulated working hypothesis (cf. the Introduction) was that there is only one ethnic group, passing through two phases in its historical existence - Protoslavic (Thracian) abd Slavic. The final generalised observations are grooped into the following directions:

  1. The emergence if the Tharacian tribal structures in the light of the ethnonymic analysis performed.
  2. Typology of the tribal denominations - by origin, structure, and semantics.
  3. Succession of Protoslavic (Thracian) and Slavic tribal structures.
  4. Regional traits of the migration process in the Thracian lands during the Roman conquest.
  5. Formation of tribal communities in the newly colonised lands and their fate during the early Slavic period.
  6. Tribal structures and ethnographic groups in the Slav cpuntries.

The subsections of Part Five will be published in the electronic edition on the Internet by chapters as soon as they are ready.

Section I - Contents (in Bulgarian)

Section II - Contents (in Bulgarian)

Banner: A Dacian fortress sieged by the Romans during the wars in Dacia, 101-106 A.D. (Trayan's column).
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