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Chavdar Bonev has provided this site as a service to the public at large and the specialists in early slavic and/or Balkan history.

This site displays the extensive research performed by the author on the topic of "The Proto-Slavic Tribes". The publications of the author on the topic are summarised and readily available for download (visit the "Download" page on this site).

The idea is to facilitate the dissemination of the author's works and to invite comments on the topic.

"The Proto-Slavic Tribes"

This study offers an alternative view regarding two substantial issues of early Eastern European history:

  • 1. The origin of Slavic peoples
  • 2. The cultural-linguistic character and the historical destiny of Thracian ethnic groups.
  • The commonly accepted today main thesis, according to which the Slavic people originated from the Pre-Carpathian region, is commented on in the preamble. The author has spotted numerous inconsistencies and controversies in the respective arguments, especially when researchers used linguistic and archaeological data for explaining the stages of the ethno-genetic process of the Slavs in the Pre-Carpathian lands. The author brings up the old thesis of the Balkan-Danubian origin of the Slavs, which enjoyed wide popularity in the Slavic countries' historiographies between 12th and 19th centuries A.D.

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